This solution is needed to update bash on old Ubuntu servers. We need to install bash-static package and move it to bash binary . I'd tested on ubuntu 11.04 x64 bash-4.2 .

1. There is 2 branches in old Ubuntu versions: bash-4.1 (Ubuntu 10.04 and older) and bash-4.2(Ubuntu younger 10.04 but not older 12.04). We need to know bash Version : 


dpkg -s bash |grep Version


2. We need to know bit system (х32 or x64) 


uname -a


3. We  need to find path to our bash 


whereis bash


for default it placed on /bin/bash and I'll in this example.

4. cd /tmp

5. We need to download bash_static package, choose you package


wget bash-4.2_x64

wget bash_4.2_i386

wget  bash-4.1_x64

wget bash-4.1_i386

6. After download package do this

dpkg -i bash-static_4.2-2ubuntu2.5_amd64.deb

where "bash-static_4.2-2ubuntu2.5_amd64.deb" your package name

7. After that you need to find binary bash-static:


whereis bash-static


in my case it /bin/bash-static

8. After that we need to replace bash binary


mv /bin/bash /bin/bash_old 


where /bin/bash - path to you bash binary.

and we need to create symlink on our bash-static package


ln -s /bin/bash-static /bin/bash


9. After that check


env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' bash -c "echo completed"


10. This is all