Once logged-in to the tactical monitor, you land on an overview page showing the state of the hosts and services being monitored.

Figure 1: Icinga monitoring application main screen

This is where everything comes together. On the page you will find different tabs. They are as follows: 

  • Welcome tab: Welcome view is a special tab created to greet new visitors to your page. It is usually set as the default tab for people upon opening the monitoring page. 
  • Hostgroup Status: Hostgroup view will show the status and the number of hosts grouped by hostgroup. Each customer will have each hostgroup consisting of all their servers. 
  • Servicegroup Status: Servicegroup view will show the status of the services group by service type. 
  • HostStatus: HostStatus view shows the host status and below the number of warnings/critical of the services attached to the host. 
  • ServiceStatus: ServiceStatus view shows all services for each host. 
  • HostHistory: Display the history of the status of a particular host.


To view your server status, click the tab ServiceStatus. The ServiceStatus view shows all services for each host. The server names are written in blue on the left side. Browse through the list to find you server name.

The current state of monitored services and hosts is determined by two components:

  1. The status of the service or host (i.e. OK, WARNING, UP, DOWN, etc.) 
  2. The type of state the service or host is in

Figure 2: Icinga monitoring application ServiceStatus tab.